Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carol Marine's workshop at the Hudson River Valley Art Center, Greenville, New York

Here is the shot of our group intently watching Carol demonstrate. We were from all over the east coast and two ladies came from Canada. The accommodations were great. We just had to walk from the studio to the dining room and bedrooms. Great way to do it. Lots of laughs. I was the only person who had never been to a workshop before.

Carol adding her ground.

Her view of the still life.

After drawing in the basic shapes and checking proportions she starts with the most saturated area - in this case the apples.

Now you can see how she's working from the inside out doing all the values in the shadows.

Here is the finished demo which one lucky participant got to take home for $100. It was a fabulous workshop and I highly recommend Carol as a teacher. She has great passion for painting and helping others.

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