Friday, June 19, 2009

60/60 EVENT

Today I painted at the first annual 60/60 fund raiser for our local museum, The Everson. Sixty local artists create or finish a work in sixty minutes, to be raffled off to guests. I went with a friend and we both decided to bring a work in progress. Not knowing what to expect I can truthfully say it was really fun and exciting. There were artists all around working at the same time on so many different things. Pastels, watercolor, acrylics, sculpture, printmaking, collage, birdhouses and ceramics. We set up at 4:30 and everyone got to work at 5:30 finishing at 6:30. Drinks and and food were served. As we worked, guests could walk around and watch us and drop raffle tickets into our buckets if they were interested in winning our art work. It was fun to talk to people and answer their questions. Everyone was encouraging and friendly.
This is the view looking from where I was standing. My painting is one the left and my friend's is on the right. We were under a big tent that wrapped right around the water in the plaza next to the Everson Museum.
Here is a picture from the opposite side of the water looking back toward the tent we were in.

Tim See ceramic artist.


"Grace" by Mark

Here's my finished painting "The Homestead". 16" x 24" acrylics

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Self Portrait I - 8" x 8" oil

Here's my attempt at a self portrait on blue background. the picture is a little dark so I'll have to update it next time it's sunny enough to take outdoor pictures. I liked working in this size and will do more. good practice.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sky 8 x 8" oil

This is the view from my upstairs window in my studio. today was another beautiful blue sky day with big puffy clouds. I'd like to catch on of our sunsets from here.

MIller's Garden

Here is the Miller's Garden finished. It was easier to add more detail today because the paint had a chance to dry. I like the look of it, but wish I had been able to get in more of the Rose of Sharon bush that is on the far right side.

The Homestead 16" acrylic x 24"

Today I worked on finishing the Miller's Garden and "The Homestead". The Homestead is based on the neighborhood I grew up in. It was a small rural community on the banks of the Hudson river. There was a huge cornfield that all the houses were built around. Every spring the farmer would spray the field with chicken manure and we wold run for cover. I am interested in the Aboriginal paintings of many artists in Australia. their style of painting with an arial perspective gave me the idea for this panting. Friday I will complete the painting during a fundraiser for our local museum. Sixty artists have been invited to complete a work of art and donate it to the museum to raise money. Guests will be able to buy raffle tickets in hopes of purchasing a favorite piece. I plan to finish adding the rest of the dots to fill in the painting.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red, White and Blue 8" x 8" oil.

Gorgeous, sunny, warm day. I was up early and did the grocery shopping - looking for some vegetable inspiration. Found a bunch of great radishes and started a painting. Then my friend came over to take a shower because they haven't had water for three days. We went to her house and painted in the neighbors beautiful backyard. The radishes are sooo red. the view was so breath taking, especially those
orange poppies and pure, white peonies. What day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peony Festival, Baldwinsville New York

Old Timers 8" x 8" oil

Today I went with a group to the Peony Festival to paint for a few hours. I was the only one using oils. Everyone else was working in watercolor. The event was arranged by Sharon Blair who works and teaches classes for The Art Store in Syracuse. The peonies are heirloom varieties sold to benefit the local historical museum. the were vendors selling plants, herbs, artwork, food and a musician singing and playing the guitar. Nice event.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tea with Lemon

Well today is the first posting to my daily painting blog. I am excited to begin this adventure. I painted my mother's little blue tea pot. I am still having trouble getting the shape just right but will try again tomorrow.