Friday, April 6, 2012

Workshop with Qiang Huang

Well there is so much to tell about the workshop I'll have to break it up into a few posts. Unfortunately it is back to the real world as soon as I got home and this will be short. Let me just say Qiang Huang is a marvelous, generous and patient teacher. His presentation is very organized and if you come willing to learn, you will. The first photo is one of the demos he did for us on the second day so we could watch him paint roses in a still life. Each and every stroke he takes is well thought out and deliberate.  

          If you get an opportunity to study with him you will not be disappointed! More tomorrow.


  1. Fabulous painting and you look great too. Glad you enjoyed it. It is on my list of workshops to take!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity Dawn.
    Looking forward to any comments and jewels that you share from the experience.

  3. What a beautiful piece! I'm happy for you and inspired to keep painting.