Monday, February 17, 2014

Key to the Kingdom Journal

 I have finished my visual journal based on a class taken from Valerie Sjodin . I real ly appreciate her work and the lessons have taken me in a new direction. So here is the journal front to back.
                                 Front cover - Keys - acrylic paint 8"x 10"
 Front cover with first flap open so you can read the entire title: Keys to the Kingdom.
 First Key - I need to trust my shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, to lead and guide me, even in my art making. I need to always listen for His voice and follow only Him.
 Second Key: The secret place is a place where I can be alone and talk to God. I can not live without His presence in my life. The time I spend in prayer, worship and just silence sitting before Him keeps me going.
 Here is the Secret place with the flap open so you can read the verse. God always shows me things, just when I need encouragement or guidance. they are usually small beautiful things like butterflies - or the pansy I found under the snow a few days ago.
 Third Key: Soar Above. I think of this as trying to have the mind of Christ. Listening to the Holy Spirit's leading. Walking and talking like Jesus. Scripture says that Christ only did and said what he heard and saw His Father doing. This same anointing is available to all  Christians.
 Fourth Key: Most of my time spent with God is in  praise, adoration and worship. Scripture says to put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness and that the joy of the Lord is our strength. This has been very true for me.
 Fifth Key: Inviting Jesus to be your friend, your companion and setting aside time to spend just being with Him. We are like a garden enclosed with skin and He wants to dwell with us like he did with Adam and Eve in the garden.
the back cover.


  1. What a beautiful journal! I love everything about it! Patsy from

  2. And today I found this reminder of Matthew 6:6 at just the right moment too! Thank you x