Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Exotic Fruit

This is a Dragonfruit, and when I was it at Wegman's yesterday, I just knew I had to paint it. It really is a magenta fruit with green markings. I want to paint several views of it so I have no idea what's inside. It better be good because it cost $10.00!. It's about the size of an eggplant.
This is the persimmon I also got yesterday. I also got a pomegranate but will paint that next. Very fun to paint such bright colors. Wonder what this tastes like?


  1. WOW! Are you prolific. I went fishing yesterday but not as successful as your painting. I too like the bright colors. Did I tell you --- I'm a contrast freak!!! I did tell you, but ..... Keep painting.

  2. I am forcing myself to paint everyday. these are all 8 x8" so it only takes a few hours. I can see the improvement as I go which is one thing I really like about blogging. when are you going to try it???