Sunday, November 1, 2009

I brought these two geraniums a few weeks ago and noticed a beautiful new set of flowers. So I set out to capture them right where they are in front of the window.
This was done with all the leftover paint when I cleaned my palette. Very fun to just plaster on the paint.
After seeing the black and white paintings done by N.C. Wyeth last week I remembered a painting class in college where we worked on the same large still life for a whole semester using only black and white. I hated it. Now I realize what it can look like when it's done well, so I plan to work in black and white til I get it right! Not so easy. Try again tomorrow.


  1. Got a challenge for you from Bobland. Tomorrow expand the value range from white white to black black. Chose a center of interest and put your whitest white next to your darkest dark and see what happens. OR just do what is fun for you. OK, I won't bug you. Have fun.

  2. thanks Larry. I am just now (Friday) seeing all these great comments you are leaving me. I will try the black and white again next week. Keep the ideas coming.