Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is after five classes. I did about two hours of work at home and will now take it to class for one more session. I still need to fix the neck, nose, eyebrows, finish the background and shirt and maybe touch up the hair. I feel like you could just keep picking away at it, but I want to be done and try another one. Just need a willing model!

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  1. You've been working hard. Wonderful!!! I like the portrait very much. The lips are terrific --- super job. The nose may be a touch long, but superbly done. I like how you have caught the light on her left cheek and on the left (her left) side of the nose. The background nicely graduates from dart to light. Backgrounds are tough. I'm trying to learn some abstract techniques so I can use them in my backgrounds. Hair ... hair is tough and I have to work on Lena's hair today. If I've learned anything about painting hair it's -- paint clumps of hair and adjust values in the clumps; later add accent strands. The key is "CLUMPS." I think a little glaze on the light neck line (under chin) will push the line back and make it more subtle. All in all -- Way to go!!! Keep painting!!!! "Hello" (or "Hey" as they say down here) to your sidekick, Franny.