Monday, December 14, 2009

Yipes Stripes

This is just about done, but I need it to dry a bit before adding the last details.

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  1. You are amazing! I can hardly see you through this swirling cloud of paint that flies from your brushes. Here you have successfully brought together strong verticals which do not take away from your horizontal arrangement of objects. The brass can bothers me a little. It looks like it tilts a little to the left. Think that my perception of tilt comes from the thistle strand which goes down the right side of the can and the piece of cloth that cuts off the bottom left corner of the can. When I put my finger over the piece of cloth at the bottom left corner of the can, the can straightens up. The red pot is excellent (again). Perhaps a little shadow under the bottom left of the red pot would "sit" it more solidly on the cloth. Way to go, BH. Keep painting. Keep painting.