Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is a 30" x 40" painting I have started based on the painting by John William Waterhouse called "Shadows". The next stage in the glazing. One of my goals this years is to copy a masterpiece each month.Tthis is from a DVD produce by Liledahl Video Productions.


  1. Boy are you ambitious!!!! I'll have to look up Waterhouse's work. I'm not familiar with his work. The figure's head seems too small for the rest of his/her body .... but then again, that might be what was intended by Mr. Waterhouse. It's sometime hard to judge a piece of work when you don't know the intentions of the artist. When you know the intentions, you can then better understand piece. One of the greatest pieces of artwork (Michaelangelo's Pieta), shows unrealistic proportions as do the hands of his David. I wish you the best here. Do you sleep????

  2. I think the head looks small to but the video comes with a line drawing that has a grid. I followed it pretty well. We'll see. It's hard to work from such a small amount of information, but it's the practice I want more than anything.