Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I like to collect something from trips I go on. These things were from my time spent in Alaska in 2005 at Raspberry Island Remote Camps. The cigar boxes are just props! A local shop owner donated about 40 of these really nice wooden cigar boxes to the YMCA for use last summer in the art camp. I have just about worked my way through the first 60 8" x 8" canvas boards I bought last summer to do these daily paintings. Time to order new ones. I plan on trying some primed linen on hardwood boards.

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  1. Nice story to go along with your painting. Didn't know you are an Alaskan remote camper --- gutsy!!!! I like it. The warm and cool browns of the boxes nicely contrast. I'm having trouble "reading" what the non-boxes are. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm having a little trouble with perspective. The light brown box seems to go back farther than the dark (left) box and it's objects would indicate. The shadow of the object on the dark box seems to be on the wall right next to the dark box. Given the shape of the dark box, that seems to indicate that the wall is "near" since the dark box does not seem as deep as the light brown box. The light box has greater depth and seems to go back "far." For me there is a tug between the "near" and "farness" of the back wall. If the wall slants back, this is OK. Also, I notice that the right and left edges of the top of the dark box are rather parallel, but the top and bottom edges on the left side of the dark box are not parallel. This seems "off" somewhat to me.