Thursday, May 6, 2010

TLC really works!

I just wanted to post today and say I have not fallen off the planet into the abyss of not painting. I have been taking some great drawing classes and trying to get back into figure drawing after 25 years. Nothing worth posting just yet. I have also been spending a lot of time getting my garden into shape before everything is over run and the ground turns to a solid rock. I hope to do a lot of painting studies as soon as I finish catching up. One more week I think. The weather is holding and we are getting enough rain to make it some what easy (it's all relative) to pull out the enormous weeds. I wish the flowers would grow big and the weeds would stay small. Anyway I love my garden and this time of years it needs it's TLC to get a good start. I also have three beautiful new raised 4' x 8' veggie beds filled with organic compost, vermiculite and peat moss. Now I just need to find some worms and add them to the mix. I hope to buy my plants this weekend and start hardening them off for planting in a week or two. I did start some heirloom seeds inside but they are looking pretty punk and may not survive. We'll see. I'll post pictures soon. PS 6/25 - here's the results of the TLC

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  1. I thought the rapture had taken place and left the rest of us behind. God to see that you are still kicking. I'm jealous of you taking a figure drawing course. We have a figure drawing group here, but since I wasn't making much progress, I dropped out. I can tell you love your garden. I can't wait to get back to NY to take pictures of peonies ... must do a painting. Take care. Look forward to your new postings.