Saturday, May 29, 2010

OLd Forge

The Bridge
McCaulley Mountain
Bald Mountain, Second Lake, Old Forge, New York

I was invited to spend three days in Old Forge this week with a good friend. I got to paint twice, which was a real treat. Both days it was high 80's and blue sky, perfect for painting. The bugs were very interested in what I was doing, so I was glad to have good bug repellent from Bert's Bees. I am experimenting with using a colored ground on these paintings. You can see the pink coming through. I like it much better than the white of the canvas board. This time I learned a few things: don't forget your umbrella, find a good bug spray, and bring a drop cloth. The drop cloth was good for protecting surfaces I set up on, but it also covered the tall grass where I set up to paint "The Bridge". This kept the bugs from crawling up my legs, which is very distracting!

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  1. Dawn:
    You've been conquering the outdoors! Bald Mountain is my favorite. Excellent. Thanks for sharing what you have learned. I'll be better prepared when I head out -- bugs, wind, shade. Keep painting.