Saturday, December 28, 2013

So my experiment with making a gelatin plate for printing went pretty well. I got my information from Linda Germain's website Printmaking without a Press. I really found her videos to be super helpful. This first photo shows how the gelatin looks when it's added to the cold water- kinda clumpy like mashed potatoes.

This photo shows the bubbles that form on the surface after you add the boiling water to dissolve all the clumps of gelatin. You are supposed to skim off all the bubbles.
This one shows the gelatin in a 9" x 12" cake pan with plastic wrap underneath. That was supposed to make it easy to get out the gelatin plate when it hardened - which it did. but it also left deep ridges where the plastic wasn't perfectly smooth. And I didn't get every single bubble off the surface - which later gave me some blemish like imprints.

Here are a few prints. I did a whole bunch and learned something with each one. I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

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