Monday, December 30, 2013

More gelatin prints

I worked on more prints today. It flowed a little faster, now that I got the basic process down. I still had several happy surprises.  These first two I used the elephant stencil I made. the one on the left is the ghost print which I like a lot. The one on the right was pulled first and is much more graphic.

This set of bird prints was done together. On both of them I did a second print of the bird over the first one (which came out white) because I thought the big empty white space left by the bird stencil was too stark.

 This one is the first pull from the plate. The ghost print came out really nice but I think I may draw on it first before I post it. I really like this process. right now I'm just using some leftover  Speedball Inks. they are water based and clean up easily. I'm looking forward to trying acrylic in a few days.

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