Friday, July 18, 2014

New Paintings

 I have been spending some time painting, during my prayer time, while listening to worship music. At first it was difficult to start, because I didn't know what would happen. This is the first "painting". I used crayons and this took about an hour to feel like I was finished. I used 4 large sheets of drawing paper taped together so this is about 36" x 48". I call this one Awakening. It really felt like God was awakening me to a new level of worship with the Holy Spirit helping me.

 This is the second one. It was finished in just  a few minutes - may ten or fifteen minutes. I call this The Holy Spirit Hovering.
 This one really surprised me. The building shapes came first, done with a purple water-soluble crayon. Then everything else surrounding the "city" happened. I switched to water soluble crayons which give a more painterly feel. I draw with the crayons first and then use a brush with water. This is A City on a Hill. Revelations 21

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