Friday, July 31, 2015

Not what I was hoping for.....

I've been focusing on putting down the large masses or shapes, looking at values and design. Really it's probably more than my brain can think about all at once. Usually I just paint. Now I am thinking. maybe the two things don't go together?? No I know they do. I just need to get to the place where the thinking is more intuitive and not so rigid.

So what I was trying to do here was capture the awesome beautiful bright green grass. It really was this color. I think what I don't like is the design of the painting. There is a cool rusted burn barrel in the middle ground that got lost. And I know that the whitish green trees is the center are drawing your eye in and you get stuck there. I also managed to put the dark pine trees right in the middle in the background.

So what do I like about this painting? I like that sky color, and the color of the pavement. I love the bright lime green grass and I really like the stripes of green grass coming towards you. I realized that there is a very cool pattern of green grass all over the pavement that I didn't see til I was packing up.

Ok so here is the same painting cropped and the dark green pine trees taken out ( done with my editing software in iPhoto). I also softened the dark areas in the middle and under the  light green trees. Now the barrel pops out a little more. Hmmm. I'll have to go back and see what I can do tomorrow. I really do like it better without the dark pines. That early in the morning everything is back lit to a certain extent and much darker.

I'll think about that ...tomorrow.

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