Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Cake Dilemma

So I've been working on the Spring still life again. It's 36 x 36". I paint a section at a time. I just added a delicious slice of chocolate cake because I wanted to represent all the spring birthdays in the family. The brown color of the frosting was actually tricky. I am posting this photo (did you think it was the painting?) so you can see how I decided to work with still life items that either get eaten (like this cake!) or perish quickly, like flowers. 
I set  up my object where it's going in the still life and paint from life as much as I can in one sitting.Then I make sure to take a photograph from exactly where I was standing to get the right angle. Then I can come back to the object and make corrections. I still feel like everything is painted from life. I am using the photos to see detail and check perspective, stuff like that. Think I'll have another slick of cake.


  1. mmmmmm....the cake looks delicious! I don't think I could paint it without at least one bite taken out of it!!!

  2. It was reeaally goood. I bought it from Wegmans - our local grocery store. My daughter Caitlin makes a mean chocolate cake, which is what we usually do for birthdays.