Monday, July 30, 2012

 So it's the end of our first full day at the art retreat. There are seven of us so there is plenty of room to spread out. Everyone is doing something different. Several of the artists have come here many times for both the retreats and the workshops. Here are some of the painted papers I am working on. This is new for me. I am really having fun just playing with the liquid watercolors to see what they can do.
 Here is a shot of the studio. If you want more info check out their site at
This is one of the pieces I finished today. The food is awesome - homemade blueberry pie and banana saffron ice cream tonight, AND there is homemade chocolate for sale. 


  1. The paper is interesting...looks like fun and I love your completed piece. The food sounds delicious!

  2. Love that look...I could see that printed on note cards to be sold in gift shops. Really colorful!

    1. Sherrie I was thinking of taking them to the local Christian bookstore to see if they would be interested. Cards sounds like a good idea.